I Require Assistance – Conclusion

Instruments play a big part in music, they create the song. Although we do not listen to each individual instrument, they each contribute to the piece of music. In these three ballets, each instrument had the ability to change a dance routine. Each dance also tells the audience a story and the song contributes to the emotions and thoughts being expressed. Ballet as well as music is a form of art and is used as a way of self-expression. Song and dance are often used together to make a them more impressionable on an audience. The ballets, to some, may seem similar, especially to untrained eyes and ears. However their slight differences are what makes them significant pieces. They tell stories specific to a region, culture, time and place, and most importantly, specific to a group of people. Their unique dances and wardrobes both celebrate and inform. Characteristics such as musical techniques with usage of instruments, reflect an artistic expression, each different from a set of musicians and dancers. This display of creativity, pride, or imagination is what makes each form and performance so valuable and informative to the viewer and listener.



  1. I quite enjoyed reading this paragraph and thought it was well written. But being more specific details on the differences between each ballet piece is an improvement. This includes describing region, culture, time and place and how it blends into the ballet is important to describing ballet. This was a good start of writing it just needed to be a little specific.


  2. You write a summary about music, performance, time, place; it is good. Write more about your feelings after watching these three pieces of music or ballets, or any personal opinions about these three pieces of music, Do you like or dislike this music? and Why?


  3. Your paragraph is well written but i feel that it falls short due to generalization. If you had went over the pieces in more in depth terms it would have greatly benefited the text overall. Furthermore, your personal experience when witnessing the ballets would have been a nice addition to the writing as well.

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  4. Its a pretty good paragraph, i just felt that if it was a little more specific to the dances themselves and not as broad, it would be great


  5. Great explanation of how the instruments play a big role in music not many people actually pay attention to how instruments change music I liked the detail and explanation that was put in the paragraph to explain ballet and the other parts to it .


  6. Your conclusion is okay. You conveyed your thoughts well, but I think you can tighten up your sentences a bit more. It seems to run on. If some of those sentences refers to your body paragraphs, try to fit them into a sentence. I do like how you brought everything together towards the later half of the paragraph.

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  7. This conclusion was good, i think there should’ve been more to your last sentence and you should’ve talked about the actual musical pieces and the details a little bit long. The content is great but your last sentence leaves u hanging.


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