The distinction, thoughts, and frustrations of listening to ballet

In The Sleeping Beauty, Act III Pas de deux the ballet started adagio from 0:01-1:52 until the use of string instruments moving the piece to allegro, and then use of brass instruments such as the trumpet is used making the piece sound grand at 2:35- 4:04. The most interesting part of this piece I found was the music, which the dancers performed synchronized with the music and they froze every time the piece stopped seen three times from 0:01 – 1:02. Unlike the other two pieces this piece is mostly danced on tippy toes and needed a large stage to be performed. This ballet had a classical European impression to the performance because of the design of the stage and the way the performers dressed in they’re very lavish outfits and powdered wigs they wore.



  1. Punctuation and Grammar are very important when it comes to making sure you understand the topic. Great way to pick a certain piece and describe how it was unique and different from all the other pieces.


  2. Your paragraph is good. You have some of the run on sentences and which will make any reader hard to read.Overall I like that you talk about brass trumpet.


  3. You write the details of The Sleeping Beauty music, and you use allegro, brass instrument, more music terms to describe the music. Also, you list three different times the piece of music stopped. Good job! Write more details for the last sentence, for example, lavish outfits’ color, fabric material, hairstyle, stage’s lighting.


  4. This paragraph is well structured, the only problems that I notice are simple. Minor grammatical errors and run on sentences. A way you could improve on this is your word choice. You could try supplementing certain words for an alternative so that the sentences flow better than before.


  5. I think it’s good you mentioned specifics of the dance itself but it may help to write about the instruments you heard and how the piece sounded to you and also how the piece made you feel.


  6. Should definitely give more detail about everything thats going in try to describe and try to paint a picture in the readers mind .


  7. Very nice job on this paragraph. I like the fact that you’ve detailed what exactly is going on in the ballets. Although I would like you to go deeper in your paragraph but overall you did a good job.


  8. I think you had some great points about the dancers being synchronized with the music and paused whenever the music did. You should revise your paragraphs for grammatical errors and fragments.


  9. “The most interesting part of this piece I found was the music” I found this statement incredibly useless, as you were already began analyzing the piece a sentence before this. Perhaps change the wording to, instead of music, the synchronized performance of the dancers.
    Aside from that, I do wish you could have expanded on your statement about them wearing lavish outfits and powdered wigs. Why would they wear those outfits? What significance does the clothes and how does it contribute to the whole piece?

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  10. This is well structured paragraph, i just feel like there aren’t enough details to what you’re trying to talk about. i also feel like you should analyze your points a little further !


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