The hard work of choreographer

Both of the two pieces( Pyotr Tchaikovsky,Igor Stravinsky) are wonderfully choreographed . In the piece of Igor Stravinsky i noticed the face expressions of performers were according to music. Choreographers chooses performers who will able to work hard. Also performers do a lot of practice by giving such a great job. In Pyotr Tchaikovsky everything is smooth the scene created by choreographer, Dramas or movies in which princes or prince are present audience likes the most this piece was more interesting than igor Stravinsky but we can’t ignore the hard work done by choreographers the whole performer’s.A choreographer is creative and has all solution to the problem. Performer do work hard but the biggest responsibility is on a choreographer he have to manage a lot of things. Choreographer is responsible for physically demonstrating routine for the performers. They care of discipline in order to make a great piece after working.



  1. You should dive into how and what the choreographer did to make the pieces accordingly well. You should also speak on what you noticed differently about each choreographer in the pieces directed the dances differently. This could show the cultural influences of each choreographer that led them to directing the piece a certain way. Give examples of how each piece was performed and why it was done that way.


  2. Write the performance’s title is more easy to read for readers because I feel I need to find out my essay’s guideline paper to see the each piece of ballet’s composer. You catch the good point about the face expressions of performers were according to music, but write more details about the dancers’ face expression such as happy, sad, enjoy. “A choreographer is creative and has all solution to the problem” I feel confused to read this sentence, what is the solution? what is the problem?

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  3. I think your observations of the ballets are very unique. I never really thought to pay attention to the facial expressions of the dancers. You can really see the determination in their faces. However the grammatical errors make it difficult to understand the writing at some points. These are very simple mistakes to correct. Very nice work.

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  4. I didn’t think about the dancers expressions at all, it’s nice that you noticed little details like that. I noticed a sentence that was a little hard to follow, it might help to reword it, but I enjoyed the general idea of your paragraph.

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  5. Its mind blowing how much you can take from one scene or performance, thinking about it as deeply as the faces of the actors not only about the music or their body moves and language i was focusing about. Great paragraph!

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  6. A good piece of writing probably needs a little bit more detail and sort of explanation of the job of the choreographer . I liked how you noticed the facial expressions and noticed how it went with the music and also how you explained how performers must be very serious in their work and be very disciplined on what they have to do .

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  7. When referencing the composers, use only their last names, or include them into the sentence with “The pieces written by Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky….”. I feel the paragraph would have flowed better if you brought up the two pieces on the latter half of the paragraph, to really drive home your understanding of the importance of the choreographer.

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  8. I like the fact that you brought up the dancers facial expressions. That is something i usually pay attention to also. I feel that just like acting, facial expressions are part of the performance. I say this because if your dancing to a upbeat tempo in a party scene, having a mad or serious facial expression would throw the audience off. i just think you should have revised this before you submitted it to see if you made any grammatical errors.


  9. I also agree with your point that choreographers have one of the most important jobs, but i feel like you should went more into detail on their job.


  10. I like how you described how the choreographers work with Igor Stravinsky and Pyotr Tchaikovsky and how the choreographers in each of their work performed differently.


  11. However I think you should rephrase the last few sentences of your post. One of your sentences is that they care of discipline in order to make a great piece after working. Do you mean choreographers have to be disciplined in order to make a great piece ?


  12. I like this paragraph you were able to gather many details just from one little scene and you had great observations. There were several incomplete sentences but, that can be easily fixed. i feel like you were everywhere with your details though, you didn’t focus on just one point entirely, there were many different details, you should stick to one. overall, it was a good paragraph, with a couple of fixable things.


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