Romantic music effect on society

Romantic music plays an important role not only for since 19 century but also young generation today. I think young people has a great amount of liking romantic music as my personal experience watching youtube videos, there is always a very big amount of views can be seen. In this generation were vast majority of people like of people like romantic song there are some people who criticize romantic music. I personally saw some of the old people who were criticizing about this piece of music. The old husband and wife were sitting together in the park and a young person who was in a bugatti in which he turn on the song in very loud sound. The old man said this new generation is go on crazy, in our time we listen to this music after marriage not before that. They said,romantic music has limit new generation they don’t concentrate the big things in their lives, not being able to concentrate in studies and or job these kind of songs distract new generation. My friend was one day sitting and i was listening to this song without my headphones she said that turn off this song my mood is not good and you are listening this kind of songs in front of me you know what i am going through. She starts saying, i don’t know why composers compose these kind of music even they know that it will not cause permanent happiness. If this song can be heard after breakup it can cause more mentally pain by just imagining those good memories. The other cultural people could hear that song they will definitely don’t like the cultural dressing. My mostly friends says that this dressing sense is very different from us so it’s not interesting just by seeing and also this romantic song seems like a classical music. Even that was not a classical music, she thinks that because of dressing sense which seems old for her but was a recent hit song. Kids usually don’t like romantic songs, like my brother whenever he listen to this music, he always says that this song is very boring this is because people hear the song mostly lyrics. The lyrics of this song doesn’t make sense for him because of his age. Mostly songs are criticized from other countries. I have seen in a lot of youtube videos mostly songs are criticized from people by other country. They says that that song is not good in way that where the song is been played means the the background.

What you think about romantic music is it good for us or distraction for us?





  1. My answer regarding the question would be rather simple, if a person doesn’t like romantic music, then it can definitely be a distraction for them but if they like it, then it can be great for them.


    • I think it is not about liking or disliking the music it’s about your mood. If you are happy you would love that particular music and if your mood is not good it can make the worst feeling ever, i have seen these situations a lot more than generally disliking of music.


  2. Music will always receive criticism or negative comments towards it, but that’s life. Everything will always be criticized no matter what and music is one of those things. I believe that there isn’t anything wrong with Romantic music, it’s just that in today’s generation, it’s all about Hip hop, R&B, and Rap. If you were to ask about Romantic music back then, you would be able to get way more of a positive reaction towards it.


  3. If I’m a 6th listener, I like this piece of music. When I watch the music video, I learn something new today which is “Lollywood”. I know a little bit of Hollywood and Bollywood, and I never know Lollywood before.
    The music’s melody is light, happy, bright, and I listen this music twice even I don’t know the song’s lyrics. I disagree with you about this music’s form; I believe this music is pop music not romantic music because I hear the second part of chorus which is identical repetition from the first chorus section. I hear guitar sounds from this music. My first impression about this article is not matched with this music and the title; write more details about these five listeners (the old husband and wife, brother, you, friends) for example, each person’s age, career, personality.
    “The other cultural people could hear that song they will definitely don’t like the cultural dressing” I disagree that sentence because I believe some people maybe dislike other cultural dressing, it doesn’t mean all of people dislike other cultural diversity. “like my brother whenever he listen to this music… this song is very boring.” write examples or details (what, why, how) to support your opinions.
    My answer for the question is the romantic music is one of many genres music; I cannot say romantic music is good or bad for us because everyone has his or her own choices to listen his or her favorite music. It is like people go to supermarket, some people like to buy healthy food other people like to buy beverage, and I believe it is a personal choice and we cannot say it is good or bad choices.
    My question is : How do you use three words for this piece of music?


    • I personally have seen people talking about dressing so this was my personal opinion and also i don’t think this and also this is not rock and roll song so I don’t agree that this is pop music and I would say that music is too feel good to our selves and which make us feel happy so this song will make happy as well as it’s lyrics will take you away in dreams. So dreamy music as well as soothing music


  4. There were a few things left out of your SBP, I would’ve liked a reference link so I could understand what song you are specifically referring to. Also the opinions were somewhat jumbled together and I don’t know the description of any of them in order for me to ask meaningful questions.


  5. Romantic music, is it good for us or is it bad for us? I don’t think there is any specific way to say if it is good or bad. It depends on who you are as an individual and the mood you’re in, like your friend mentioned above. No music is good or bad, it is the way it is perceived


  6. No matter the genre of music it will receive criticism that’s just the way things go, someone always feels it can be better or it’s not needed.


  7. My answer to your question is I don’t consider romantic music a distraction it’s important, sometimes people don’t have the words to express how they feel about a loved one. Back then people created CDs with a bunch of love songs for a bf/gf, now in days people create a playlist, which goes to show doesn’t matter the time romantic music doesn’t die.


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