You Too Huh?

Chase Atlantic is a pop punk band from Australia consisting of Christian Anthony and brothers Clinton and Mitchel Cave. All of them have unique roles in their group that makes each one of their songs a great listen. I started to listen to them around a year ago and I have been listening to them ever since which means something because I usually don’t stick around an artist or band unless you’re creating phenomenal music. Chase Atlantic has a unique style of music, which according to them is “conjured up dark alternative pop punctuated by rock and R&B.” Throughout their four years of producing music, their music style has changed from an alternative/pop sound to a more alternative/R&B sound, which the band resides with more. They are a combination of R&B, rock, pop, and alternative; They are influenced by many artists from all these genres for example, The Weeknd.  Their newest song “You Too” has me hooked and I believe it’s one of their best pieces that they’ve ever made.

Here is the link right here to listen to “You Too”:

But just because I like their music doesn’t mean that other people are going to feel the same way. There are five “listeners” that I have picked that can critique this piece of music based on their own opinion and point of view.

Listener #1

Listener #1 would have to be my father. He is a mixed Latino from Costa Rica and Puerto Rico and he is 39 years old. He’s lived in New York for his whole life, so he’s known most of the music that’s been popular for a while around New York. My dad listens to all types of music from R&B, Hip-pop music, and even gave K-Pop a shot which is funny. He’s a very outgoing, funny, and hardworking guy who I can relate to very much. When he would listen to “You Too” by Chase Atlantic, he would be very hyped. He would describe the melody as flowing and rhythmic. He would enjoy the rhythm and harmony so much, he would say that it has a nice flow and it’s very soothing to him. He would love the changing tempos that “You Too” has because he listens to a lot of music such as R&B and Rap which have slow and fast tempos. The instrumentation is something he doesn’t mind but is something he notices as he loves to point out specific things in pieces of music and with this piece specifically, he would love how everything goes together. He would notice the guitars and drums immediately. Text is something that he pays attention to very seriously. He plays music that represents his moods so the if the lyrics are saddening, he’s most likely in a sad mood, etc. Each one of these musical details matter because my father has a very open mind and he would give anything a shot, especially listening to new music. He listens to music that makes him feel a certain way or the way he’s feeling during that time. So, with the musical features of “You Too”, it perfectly fits his criteria.

Listener #2

Listener #2 would have to be my mother. She is 36 years old from the Philippines and she’s lived there for half of her life until she moved to New York when she was around 16 or 17 years old. She loves to listen to rock bands such as Pink Floyd. My mom is a strict, hardworking lady who always finds a way to get to the bottom of things. If she were to listen to “You Too” by Chase Atlantic, she would have criticism towards it. She would describe the melody as very sweet and pleasant and how it ties together. For rhythm and harmony, she wouldn’t like it. She’ll describe it as smooth but that’s not what she likes, she likes more of an energetic melody. She’ll notice the instruments for sure, she listens to rock music, so she’s used to listening to guitars and drums. She’ll listen to the tempo and think that its very slow because she listens to rock. These musical details are very important especially to my mother because she doesn’t invest her time in something that she doesn’t like, so if she even sees one thing that doesn’t suit her, she won’t accept it. She would never listen to this type of music unless somebody asked her to.

Listener #3

For our third listener, I have brought out a famous composer and conductor. Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky was a Russian-born composer, pianist, and conductor. He is considered a master of 20th century music, whose works had an influence on the evolution of music through rhythm, melody, and harmony. If Igor listened to “You Too” by Chase Atlantic, he would have criticism about it since he worked on music during the 20th century and not the 21st century, so musical features have changed drastically. Igor wouldn’t like the melody, he would describe the melody as unpleasant and unfamiliar. He wouldn’t like the different textures and instruments being mixed together as in the 20th century, music wasn’t as innovative as it is today. He wouldn’t like the rhythm and harmony of the music, he would believe that it clashes with each other. He wouldn’t like the instruments used which are the guitars and drums, he would think they’re too loud and obnoxious. For the tempo, he would think that it’s at a fast pace because in the 20th century, it was slower and since “You Too” incorporates lyrics that’re sung quickly, it might seem faster. For dynamics, Igor would believe “You Too” is very loud because of all the other features in the background. Text is very important for any music, and Igor would listen to the song, but he wouldn’t be able to relate to it, he would focus on the unpleasant melody and rhythm. These musical features are important because we are trying to compare two different centuries that have been through so many events. That’s why when you point out the details of musical features, it can show the differences and how music has truly evolved over the years.

Listener #4

Listener #4 would be composer Claudio Monteverdi, who was a famous Italian composer in the late Renaissance, the most important developer of the then new genre, the opera. He also brought the modern aspect into church music, making it acceptable. As Monteverdi takes a listen to “You Too” by Chase Atlantic, he would have negative thoughts about it. The melody would be very unpleasant to him because it’s unfamiliar to him and it sort of go against church music and its aspect. Claudio Monteverdi would respect the polyphony texture as he has worked with polyphonic textures in his career and is known for it. Monteverdi would really dislike the rhythm and harmony because church music doesn’t have a similar rhythm and harmony. Monteverdi would hate the guitar and drums used in “You Too” because none of those instruments were used in church music. The fast tempo of “You Too” would be disrespectful if it were used in church music because it would mean that they’re trying to rush their prayers without giving them thought. The text is important because Monteverdi created religious music, a lot of people were very influenced by it and if they were to substitute it with Chase Atlantic would be disrespectful towards the church and Monteverdi’s meaning behind his music. These musical features and details are very important to Monteverdi because he has created modern church music, meaning that it has religious purpose with a twist to accommodate a changing society. So, playing Chase Atlantic instead of church music inside of a church would be very disrespectful and would make people very flustered as church is supposed to help encourage growth and fight stagnation and remind them that they will overcome their hardships.

Listener #5

Listener #5 the musicologist Guido Adler. Guido Adler was a Bohemian-Austrian musicologist and writer of the 20th century. Guido Adler was an expert in music and provided criticism towards any piece of music. If Guido Adler were to listen to “You Too” by Chase Atlantic, he would judge it based off the musical features and details. The melody that he’d hear would be very wild and untamed. During the 20th century, classical music was very popular and had taken over. So, listening to Chase Atlantic would be completely different. The rhythm and harmony are completely different from the 20th century, so Guido Adler would dislike it because it’s something that’s unfamiliar. The tempo is different as well as it’s a faster tempo. Text is important as the 20th and 21st century events are completely different, and some music is made based off emotions that the artists are feeling. It’s a whole different environment and world overall. These musical features and details are meaningful to a musicologist such as Guido Adler because he wouldn’t know the musical features of the 21st century and only the 20th century which is why comparing musical features from both centuries can show how music has really changed.

SBP Question: Does music change based on the development of society?

-Raphael Irizarry



  1. Music in my opinion is constantly changing based on the generation and society. Music genres has become more accepted over time because of our cultural ideas changing to a more equal society. This means more artist can express their music without being judged or disrespected upon giving listeners more diversity to form their own music taste.


    • I didn’t find chase Atlantic because of a specific artist or genre. My dad actually discovered them and showed me and i thought they created amazing music from the beginning. This made me fully invest my time with them and i believe it paid off because they keep making amazing songs and i’m lucky to be listening to them


      • Honestly i bet we can all give a little example of how music that we listen to at home that our family and parents might like influenced us a little bit yet i believe that at somw point everyone drift away from what their parents like and get their own taste which might be still a little influenced


      • I know for a fact that without my parents influences in music especially my dad, i wouldn’t even be finding about certain artists or bands such as Chase Atlantic matter of fact. So yes, i do believe that my parents music taste influences my taste a lot.


  2. Music does change with the development of society, artists will use whatever instruments they have at their reach which change drastically with time and also based on the population opinion i believe, they cater to peoples needs and their feels and try to make music out of that


  3. Thank you for uploading this music! I like this song; I download this song on my playlist. Good article and music; each listener has a lot of background details such as their name, age, career, place and time that gives readers a picture to image these listeners’ reaction after listening “You Too.” Also, you answer so what questions for each listener, and each paragraph has strong structures (for example, tempo, melody, loud etc..) to support the listener’s opinion about the song.
    As a 6th listener I hope the author writes more details about the music’s text, for example the #3 listener ” The text is very important for any music” why is important? I agree with the author about music is mixed rock, R&B; I also hear Jazz music factors(saxophone sounds) on 1:06 the music. My answer for the question: music includes different types, and a lot of popular music is changed by the development of society, but classical music is long-lasting.
    Do you recommend other Chase Atlantic songs for me?

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    • I’m so happy you liked the song and i hope you continue to listen to them. Other songs i recommend would be Moonlight, Ozone, Cassie. All of their songs are absolutely amazing and i honestly recommend all of them but those are my favorites out of the bunch.


    • I also believe that text is important for music because it enhances the artists feelings and emotions through the song. Without lyrics to a song, you’ll still be able to figure out the emotions through the melody and harmony and tempo, etc. But with lyrics, the artists clearly expresses their feelings through words which makes figuring out the theme of the song easier.


  4. I love song seriously! the emotions of the singer and his voice is so soothing to ears. I would music as time passes changes the taste of people towards that music such as classical music. People like the music which is super new or we can say that most trending and the musicians also make songs which type of music trending.


  5. I would like to start off by saying I liked the organization and layout of your blog post. I think the descriptions were fairly details but I enjoyed that they weren’t only people from recent times, you also incorporated old composers into this which I thought was creative.


  6. To answer your question, music absolutely changes based on the development of society. However that only means the broad population, not everyone listens to the same music. Especially people in different regions (I’m thinking of people in Europe) go clubbing all the time and typically listen to party/techno music. From what I’ve witnessed, people in America typically listen to rap/pop. We don’t typically listen to music from other centuries, we have the music we’ve come accustomed to.


  7. I very much enjoy how music can bring people of different time periods, together such as you and your dad . Your layout and explanation as to why artist from different time periods would not like music from today or any era other than their own is spot on really shows great reasoning behind it . I also believe that just because you like or support a certain genre of music or specific song doesn’t mean that another person will I’m glad you pointed that out .


  8. I think that when society changes, people’s preferences and tastes in music changes as well. If people would have listened to music that would occur 50-100 years later they would be very critical and uncomfortable with listening to that piece of music.


  9. I also like how you put different types people from both modern and past time periods and figure out what would you think how they would react to chase Atlantic’s you too which I enjoyed Listening to by the way. Good job


  10. This is my first time listening to Chase Atlantic, and I did enjoy it. I think this would end up being a piece that I would listen to on my own time, and I can see it being added to my own “chill” musical playlist. I like your analysis of the composers from older time periods, because while reading it, I felt like you actually imagined what they were thinking. The use of their vocabulary, and examples of how they thought certain instruments were too “obnoxious” is a really great method of getting into character. Music definitely does change on the developmental of society because music is composed and changed because of different circumstances. The use of real life experience is what influences and adds originality to each piece, something that can only be gained through the development of a specific society.


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