Dear Diary, I have a Spotless Mind

Is R&B dying?



African American



Today I discovered a female artist who in my opinion has a lot of potential. When I heard what a diverse background this singer had (Japanese, Spanish, African American and more) I immediately wanted to hear what she was capable of creating. I find this piece to be very 21st century, a women who seems to have had her heart broken. This singer has more of an R&B take on her work, which interests me. I find that R&B is no longer the same as it used to be; some can even say it is failing the creators who started it. For this reason, I can imagine the younger aged audience being interested into this piece of music because they are able to relate to it more. Many teenagers enjoy listening to sad music these days, as a way of coping with their situations. The melody of this song is very smooth and soft. It is relaxing and can almost service as a lullaby because of how calming it is. Jhene has a very soft-spoken voice, which to me is very charismatic. Listening to this artist makes me think that R&B can be saved.


A shy teenage girl in high school


Dear Diary,

You won’t believe what happened to me! I was chosen to participate in the talent show at school today. So many different emotions are going through my head. I am extremely nervous and I don’t know if I am even ready for this sorta thing. For now, I’m just focused on trying to pick the right song and having enough time to practice it. I’ve been looking up different songs and I think I’ve decided that I want to sing Spotless Mind by Jhene Aiko. The first time I listened to it, I never heard something I could relate to so much. I think it’s going to be different from what the other participants are doing and hopefully it makes me stand out. My teacher said that I would sound especially good if I bring my guitar on stage as well. From listening to the guitar in the background of the song, it creates a steady tune, which will help me to stay on track when I am singing on stage. My music teacher says that homophonic songs really compliment my singing because my voice stands out while the soft instruments compliment it in the background. The music gives an impression that the listener is sailing in an ocean somewhere far away because of the sound of Jhene’s voice is a mezzo piano dynamic. It sounds as if she is drifting away from the audience, and then comes in closer once again. I really hope I am able to reciprocate this concept during my performance.


Arts Administrator

A middle aged Caucasian male

Board of Director for California Arts Center


Before I run into this meeting I thought I would quickly jot down this idea before I forget. At the meeting, we will be discussing ways in which we can increase our revenue and I think I know just the way. Majority of people that visit our center are very open minded and free spirited. After many suggestions from the crowd to try and book this young, beautiful artist, Jhene Aiko, I feel that I can deliver this idea to the board successfully. I will play them her song entitled, “Spotless Mind,” and I chose this one because of her lyrics. The repetition of being a wanderer reflects once again those free minded people that come in and by taking in the art and letting the art take over them. Making the comparison about whether or not it’s acceptable to change is a powerful idea in the world of an artist. While it is important to stay true to yourself, it is also about branching out and experiencing new things to redefine yourself. The concept of “holding on to something that you have to let go of” is something almost everyone can relate to because we all carry this baggage which we hold on to for way too long. Jhene’s lyrics have meaning to them in which the audience can relate to, which is why I think she would be perfect for the job.


Aretha Franklin


Net worth: $60 million



Whenever my mind wonders, it always goes back to the same place. Music. I want to listen to it, create it, feel it. When I listen to music, the rest of my life is put on pause. All I can focus on is what’s being heard in my ears. I’ve been making music since I was before a teenager, it all starting with performances in church. And to think that I am only getting older, I begin to think about what impression I am leaving on this generation of music. This question always comes back to haunt me. Is R&B dying? While watching the Grammies, I learned that Jhené Aiko got nominated for the best R&B song, and instantly I felt contentment in my heart. She is one of the current R&B singers that give me faith in the next generation. Her song “Spotless Mind” makes me feel nostalgic. It’s an example of what R&B should be like. Not only does the song evoke emotion, it’s also raw, almost as if she’s singing the first things which come to mind. I love her voice, however, I do feel that she can put some more power into her lyrics. Instead of being so repetitive, she would leave a stronger impression on her audience if she were to use a stronger sense of language. I do, however, appreciate that there is no use of profanity, unlike much songs of today’s generation. Duple meter is a great choice of time signature because it contributes to the serenity of the song. It’s calming and allows the audience to focus on her words and the instruments used in the background, rather than solely liking the beat of a song. I feel that allowing her music to have a slow tempo, gives the audience more room to appreciate a song they aren’t able to dance to. I appreciate what this young lady is doing for the R&B industry and hope she continues to grow.


Nameko Love Browner

10 years old

Daughter of Jhene Aiko


Dear Magical Notebook,

I am writing today to talk about my mom’s music. I love hearing my mommy’s voice especially when she doesn’t know I am listening. For example, whenever she sends me to go read in my room as she is cleaning up, I love listening to her humm or sing beautiful melodies. When I hear my mommy sing, I hear the sound of a queen. I know all the words to her songs. In my music class we are learning about rhythm. I like the rhythm in my mom’s song Spotless Mind probably the most. It is kind of slow but I like to imitate the clapping whenever I am listening to it. I also like how my mommy is able to play the guitar to this song. She is able to use her acoustic and electric guitar which I think is pretty cool. Both guitars give this song a different kind of sound. The acoustic makes me want to sway and is calming, but the electric guitar makes me excited because it’s faster. I love my mommy and can’t wait till I can be able to sing more songs with her.


Fiona Persaud



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