Don’t knock It Till You Try It!

Have you ever seen something and thought it was so amazing but when you really got up close and personal, it was the opposite of amazing? That’s what happened to a lot of people including me. That’s why i stopped judging books based on covers and started to really dig in and investigate their stories. According to Langston Hughes, “Po’ Boy Blues” (1926), life isn’t always as it seems. The narrator has gone through so many hardships as an African American in the south. They have gone through complete hell such as picking cotton in the blazing son and even being abused by their owners . The narrator sees how the north has freedom and is developing into an industrial city. So he decided to head north but it wasn’t what he was expecting. “Since I come up North de Whole damn world’s turned cold.” He thought that the north would provide fantastic opportunities for African Americans such as freedom and jobs to make money but it was just the beginning of a hard journey for them. The north was taking over by creating monopolies which are manipulative businesses that raises prices of items over time. The world wasn’t ready to face the control of the north and the power it was capable of. “But this world is weary An’ de road is hard an’ long.” He wasn’t ready to face the north even though he thought it was going to help him out in the long run after being a slave in the south. He didn’t know what to do after going up north and realizing that there was nothing he can do. He then said, ” I’s so weary I wish I’d never been born.” He wishes that he was never born because he thought that he was going to live a better life up north but it didn’t expect it to be so hard. This is why you don’t judge a book by it’s cover because something that you expect to be good may end up turning into something bad.

-Raphael Irizarry


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