How One Thing Can Change Your Life

Having one thing can change your life. From having a baby, to marrying your soulmate, to even getting your dream house, anything that you believe is important in your life can definitely be life changing and can impact your life positively or negatively. According to Toru Takemitsu, “A Single Sound” from Confronting Silence, the author was absolutely amazed by Japanese instruments that he wanted to figure out more about them and went in depth. ” Increasingly conscious of the sounds, i tried to recreate them, with negative results.” What this really means is that the Japanese instruments are so unique that recreating the sounds that they make will never be the same. The instruments he fell in love with are the biwa and the shakuhachi. He also says that ” It is here that sound and silence confront each other in a relationship beyond any objective measurement.” It is the battle between sound and silence he says but at the same time, there is a balance which makes the instruments flow so lovely and luxuriously. He says, ” What can i possibly add to that? Japanese traditional music is already a legacy to which no amount of reorganizing or defining will contribute a thing.” He believes that Japanese music has made a legacy for itself and that nobody will be able to affect it no matter what he does. He’s in love with the traditional Japanese music and wants to make an impact on a legacy that’s already sealed within history. It seems that his whole life revolves around Japanese music which is quite an interesting way to live. No matter what you do in life, make sure you’re giving it your all or else you won’t accomplish what you really want out of it.

-Raphael Irizarry


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