Is Classical Music really Gone?

Classical music is music that’s written in the European tradition during a period lasting approximately from 1750 to 1830, when forms such as the symphony, concerto, and sonata were popular. But this was from 1750 to 1830, in today’s generation, Hip hop, R&B, and Rap are all taking over the charts and are popular as of now. In the article, Anna Goldsworthy, “The Lost Art of Listening” it describes how classical music is slowly dying in today’s society and why it’s becoming irrelevant in the first place. One example of why classical music may be dying today would be ” The smartphone wreaked further havoc with attention spans. the science journalist Daniel Goleman describes digital technology’s capacity to rewire our brains and erode our capacity for sustained attention.” Technology has taken over our lives but it’s because we are evolving in the world. None of these things that we’re doing right now would be possible without technology such as commuting to work or warming up food in the microwave or oven. Another example would be “Banished from the mainstream, classical music gets drafted into the luxury industry” Classical music is “luxury”, big statement. This is basically telling the lower class people that you can’t and shouldn’t even give classical music a listen because it’s a luxury and you can’t even afford it. The last example i have of why classical music is slowly dying in today’s world would be ” By the 1960s, families were less likely to gather around the piano than around the television; by the 21st
century, they were no longer gathering around anything, but communing with private screens in their own private rooms.” Everybody in today’s world is more private and not about spending time as a family communicating their ideas and thoughts together. Nowadays, everybody has a TV in their own room spending time by their selves instead of gathering with their families. Classical music is dying and as a society, it looks like it’s going to slowly decay year by year and sooner or later, it won’t be relevant AT ALL.

-Raphael Irizarry


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