Never go out of Style

For the older generation to enjoy, but for the younger generation who appreciate, classic soul music is one that I prefer to talk about since it is something that I grew up listening to, and it now has a greater connection to me rather than it being just some boring old music. Music in the good ol’ day’s, have definitely made an impact in my life, from the way I think, to the way I work, to the way I act, and to the way I dress. Music in today’s society have no meaning or purpose. To me it simply sounds like someone just plainly talking and others taking it as music. A magnificent piece that I would like to bring about that others seem to oppose is by Ben E. King, called Spanish Harlem. It is interesting as you will see what these other folks have to say as I played them the piece…….

The first person I played this piece to was my mother (age 45). As a matter of fact, she was the one to introduce to me to such beautiful magnificent music, and what she had to say was astonishing. “It is amazing how you at your age in today’s society would still listen to such a song. I absolutely love it, as it brings back so much memories of when I was growing up with your grand parents. The soft beat of the music really connects to my soul and lifts me up into heaven. His voice is deep and heavenly and the music fits perfectly with it. Towards the middle of the song is where I feel as if i’m in a castle and everyone is dancing all together in accordance as the music takes us all away.”

The second person I played this piece to was a really good friend of mine (age 49). what he had to say was surprising. “it’s okay, but it’s too slow for me. This is a song that if it came up on the radio, I would just select another station, but if your listening to it, i’d try to bare with it. The slow tempo just kills my vibe, and ruins my mood.” He doesn’t know what good music is even if it hit him in the face.

The third person (a young musicologist mostly interested in modern day music) (age 25) states that he does not enjoy listening to the piece. He is a more trendy person and would rather study music and the culture relevant in today’s society. He claims that the song is out of this era and there is no point of analyzing it as there is not much to it. He also say’s that it is too “easy”, and there is nothing extraordinary about it that would grasp your attention.

The next person in line that was able to experience this beautiful piece for the first time was my 7 year old cousin. “eww, take it off” he say’s. “that’s not music I wanna listen too. That’s for old people”. It immediately befuddled me on how quickly he rejected the piece, as I learned the great impact on how society is quickly shaping these young children. Music is evolving so quickly, and with the younger generation showing no interest in the older classic music, society might end up shutting the door on it completely.

The last person I played this piece to was my grand father. (age 74). As soon as I played it, he closed his eyes and smiled. Now this is a person that really knows music. “I remember listening to this song in the early days. Astonishing on the part when the violins came in and took over. How beautifully the trumpets worked well with his voice, to create such an outstanding melody. They don’t make em like they used too. Nowadays all you see are these kids listening to these outrageous music with all the cursing and fighting and it’s not good for the younger generation. They are all followers to society, and none of them are brave enough to stand by themselves and choose their own path.”

As the generations go by, it is rare to find someone in today’s era that listens to the classy type music produced decades ago. They will never understand what real music is, and that is why it is important for the older generation to teach the younger generation about quality music.




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